Observing Plan for the March 11-16, 2014 Engineering Run

The main focus of this engineering run will be the work on the FCM and the shutter. This work is described in a separate document. Here we only list the night time studies we intend to perform during this time.
The following list is not ordered by priority.

Configuration Changes

Guider DEC feedback from 10% to 5%


Support for new filter (GUIs, SISPI, constants DB, ScriptsEditor)

Done for GUIs, SISPI, ScriptsEditor done. Constants ready to be tested

New gain constants

Ready to be tested

Anemometer telemetry

Dome control window reduced to 5 degrees

(no sispi change required). DONE, test by plotting azimuth differences from SISPI telemetry viewer

Add Backplane Noise plots


(Additional) Daytime Work

Backplane G Telemetry

bkpg telemetry has been turned off from the beginning. Marco and KH think that this is because the telemetry stream is unavailable during readout and since the guider cods are read out all the time it was never turned on.
We will perform a test to allow bkpg telemetry when the system is not exposing -this should provide enough information to monitor Vsub and the temperatures for this backplane.
(Only if time permits and this won't interfere with other activities)

Offset Time

If we switch to a new pointing model based on the data taken with the hexapod locked in position, we will have to move the telescope twice per exposures: the regular slew and a small offset derived from the AOS tweaks.In this study we will measure the time it takes the TCS/telescope to respond to offset commands.

VR Filter

i) Determine focus with respect to the r filter.
ii) Run star flat script (Omega Cen, 13:27:00 -48:45:00
iii) COSMOS field for astrometry? J2000 10:00:29.6 +02:12:21
iv) Sky rate? Well it's Full Moon, can't do that. Useful to find time to 10K counts background lets say 60 degrees from Full Moon.
v) Determine dome flat exposure time, take dome flats

Shutter Tests

If the Bonn engineers suggest special tests (e.g. telescope position) for the shutter we need to find time for this. NONE


Roberto would like to take another sky map with the hexapod locked. i.e set up hexapod at zenith, then init_pid aos off, zero out tweaks, set the ztrim to 1500, others to zero.