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Douglas Tucker, 11/12/2012 05:49 PM


Form of the Photometric Equation

  z_std = -2.5log10(counts[ADU]/sec) - a_z - k_z*X - b_z*( (i-z)_std - 0.09) )

    z_std is the standard, or calibrated, magnitude of the star
    (i-z)_std is the standard, or calibrated, i-z color of the star
    a_z is the photometric zeropoint in z
    k_z is the first-order extinction in z
    b_z is the instrumental color term coefficient in z
    X is the airmass
    0.09 is a "fiducial" reference color for stars in i-z (based on SDSS experience)

    Note that there is a separate photometric zeropoint (a_i) and 
    instrumental color term coefficient (b_i) for each CCD.

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