LED On vs LED Off

To see the effect of having the LED, I have looked at the difference between on/off for the different runs. I took one image per file type overscan corrected and trimmed it. I plot the difference (on-off) between the images and then downsample to the median in bins of 32x32 pixels. There doesn't appear to be a significant difference overall other than the bias changing for one of the amplifiers. In the "No Filter" case there is a small increase of a few ADU.

  • No Filter dark time=60s
  • No Filter exp time=60s
  • No Filter exp time=300s
  • Block dark time=60s
  • Block exp time=300s
  • r-band dark time=60s
  • r-band exp time=60s
  • r-band exp time=300s
  • i-band dark time=60s
  • i-band exp time=60s
  • i-band exp time=300s