Observing Plan for the July 31, 2015 Engineering Nights

Alistair writes: The scripts for engineering runs can be found on the DECamObserver account under ExposureScripts/Engineering/engineering_20150731

Set of 5 times the standard calibrations. I am guessing that almost certainly we are not going to get these done on Friday and so they should be scheduled for Sunday afternoon. We have visitors on Saturday. On the Eng. Cont'y & DD nights DESDM requests double flats.

Star Flats - this is the start of the night activity if photometry, the usual Omega Cen field

Gary also wants some 1s gris exposures of Omega Cen, centered,

Also if photometric, CalSpec standards VB89 and P330E which is at dec +30
William W. says Calspec standards should be proceeded by evening standard stars. We suppose he would have morning standard stars, too.
He suggests:
early evening, P330E (airmass near 2)
midnight, LDS7498
early morning Feige 110

ObsTac test we should start this at middle of the night which is 01:49 if I read Eric's email correctly.

As far as how long its should take, the “bare minimum” is probably 30 minutes: turn it on and watch it work for a little while. I could do a somewhat more thorough test (testing code that hasn’t changed since last year) with an hour or so, at which point the “test” just turns into DES observing.

The start of the 2nd half of the night is probably a good time to start.

Aaron's hi-res wavefront map. I have a script for i and z and each takes 1.5 hours. he also wants stars so gal latitude 20 deg. I need to look at this, I think this also means the start of the night... This means donuts on the focal plane at 1500 microns offset, AOS turned off. OK here are his instructions:

Alistair, Tom etal,

Here is my desired image plan for out-of-focus sequences:

1) Move to a position at galactic latitude of 20degrees. There should be a good stellar density there, but not so many as to crowd an out-of-focus image.

2) Take 5 normal in-focus images with the AOS on to focus and align the camera.

3) Take 50 90second i band images 1.5mm out-of-focus, using the out of focus dither script. I think
the script will need to be modified to take 50 images and make them 90 second.

4) Take 50 5 second i band images, also 1.5mm out-of-focus. Again the script just needs to be modified to take
50 5-second images.

also, the seeing needs to be reasonable for this study - fwhm<1.2 or so.

Let me know if you have questions or issues,

Roberto and Rolando really want me this time to do back to back hysteresis map and a control map. Each takes 2.5 hours. One is done with 4MAP in normal mode, the other in test mode, AOS 1 mode.