Eyeball Examination

Information to obtain for all on-sky exposures

  • PSF FWHM (plan on having QR measure this for us)
  • Offset between telescope mount coords (TELRA, TELDEC) and the true sky coordinates of optic axis
  • Sky brightness (vs filter, moon phase, angle between field and moon) (also to be measured by QR)
  • Examine image for anomalous behavior:
    • Double images or other evidence of guider failure
    • Any dead CCDs?
    • Jumps in sky level or regions with high noise?
    • Any bright-star ghosts, airplane, or meteor trails that will knock out majority of 1 or more CCD's data?
    • Severe absence of objects in the image (could be thick clouds or some CCD problem)

Here are some examples of anomalies:

  • Exposures 140613, 140614: guider jumps
  • 142965: bias jumps (this is a bias frame; we don't plan on having eyeballs on the calibration frames, but it's an example)
  • 142714: bias "humps" (another bias frame)
  • 135608: horizontal "bleeds" around bright stars (normal bleeds are saturated and aligned to CCD columns)
  • Also has been reported that some images have ~100 or so rows of very high noise level. But we don't know the exposure number.

Organization of effort

Daniel is writing a script to get all of the evening's object exposures from NCSA.

Kathy & co will develop some kind of form for recording exposure number, pointing offsets, and any comments, with the results being available via a link on this page.

We will get reports sent to des-sv from the eyeball squad each day in time to be discussed at the daily 4 PM CTIO observers' briefing.

On line version of the spreadsheet for Nov 1st

For subsequent nights use

the form to enter new data is here

let Kathy know if you want anything added to the form or if you want to edit the spread sheet

Summary of EyeBall Squad Efforts

The work of the EyeBall Squad has largely concluded as the EyeBall Squad are no longer inspecting frames. However, we do have a large training set of frames that have been inspected (~3000). An overview of EyeBall Squad work along with many examples of anomalies found by the EyeBall Squad can be found on this external website:


Any questions, please email