External Data Sets

During SV we plan to use several external data sets to validate DES images. This page provides some details about these data sets as well as information on how they can be accessed.

  • X-ray clusters: The file xray_cluster_cats.tar contains lists of known X-ray clusters within the DES SV fields, gathered by Tesla Jeltema. It includes a README file with more info.
    • xray_in_westSPT.fits
    • xray_in_specz.fits
    • xray_in_maxvis.fits
    • xray_in_mainSPT.fits
  • SZ clusters: The file SZ_cluster_cats.tar contains lists of published SZ clusters within DES SV fields, including a README file with more info.
    • SZ_in_specz.fits
    • SZ_in_maxvis.fits
    • SZ_in_mainSPT.fits
  • Spectroscopic clusters: The file spec_clusters_in_SV.tar contains lists of published spectroscopically-selected DEEP2 (Gerke et al. 2012) and VVDS (Cucciati et al. 2010) groups and clusters. Both DEEP2 field 4 and the VVDS region lie in the Spectroscopic Training field. Two FITS files are provided for each: one listing the groups and one listing the galaxies in the groups. The README files have been simply copied from those provided by the surveys.
    • VVDS_in_specz.fits
    • VVDS_in_specz_galaxies.fits
    • vvds_ReadMe
    • DEEP2_in_specz.fits
    • DEEP2_in_specz_galaxies.fits
    • deep2_README