140597-140675: Dither sequence in stripe 82 in g band, photometric? Note guiding errors in 140613, 140614.

141404-141535: Similar sequences in r and i band.

From evening of 25 Oct: (20121025/)
142739-142747 BD+17 is the bright star near X=735, Y=1740 (in ds9)
in CCD N4.

From evening of 28 Oct:

143715-143733 Short griz exposures of Blanco 1 open cluster for photometric & astrometric calibration (log 17966)
143743-143845 are series of exposures of 0.1,0.2,...10.0 s in r band of CDF-S field = SN field C1. See log entry 17984.
143851-143875 is 5x5 x7s r grid dither of same field with ~1 CCD shifts (log 18084)
143877-143889 is partial dither set similar to above, in Trumpler 10 field.
143891-143903 same dither patter in 5s r band Hydra Deep astrometric standard field
143904-143916 same again, 15s g band (log 18174)
143919-143949 Exposures with 100" shifts suitable for making sky flats (twilight coming in?) (log 18191)

From evening of 30 Oct:
144295-144344 are dithered i-band exposures again with ~1-CCD shifts on a grid. 1.4" seeing (log 18582)
144346-144379 are triplets of dithered exposures of open clusters in ugriz. Potentially useful for tying together different bands' astrometry (log 18618)

From evening of 01 Nov:
145355 CCD #8. Very clear pupil ghost
145313, 145309 missing keyword SATURATE?(..not sure why). I discovered this when trying to run the standalone pipeline on the image)
145313 CCD 50,51, (perhaps others), clear circular arc structures in image even after detrending

From evening of 05 Nov
147516-147518 have ugly scattered light, probably from Fomalhaut just off frame at 22h 57m 39.1s -29° 37' 20"
147519-147521 have odd behavior at top of S17.
147536 - guider jump
147559-147578 odd vertical structure on N15. [These are also in the flats and do flatten properly, so not a problem.]

From 06 Nov:
148036,37,39 have on S1 the same behavior of 147519ff from yesterday: wedges at top/bottom of chip that are either saturated or blown away with charge. The effect recurs on chip N20 of 148105,106,108 where it is obvious that this is associated with a bleed from a very bright star that makes it to the edge of the chip.

From 07 Nov:

148556: guider jump
148569: telescope air failure
148701: Diagonal-stripe interference feature is back. Accompanied by SISPI alert: see e-log 23323.
Bad images on N30 all night

From 09 Nov:
148701 and 149324 new kinds of diagonal lines from guider interference?

From 11 Nov (?):
149255 has big scattered light at the North (South?) side of array.

From 13 Nov:
150980, 81 have Mira on S25.
151043 has guider stripes. Corresponds to a PanG problem Dara reported.
150975 has asymmetric PSF, guider jump or something?

From 14 Nov:
151287, 151337: Likely guider jumps.
151294: More stripes, known to be associated again with PanG interlock problem.
151345: Big odd scattered light / ring on S7 & N7.

From 15 Nov:
151737, 151758: Guider jumps, 2nd one is mostly in dec.
151705; 151712; 151748; 151750; 151754; 151757: possible smaller guider jumps.

From 18 Nov:
152704 has ghost on N21 with 300 pixel diameter close to bright star. Maybe a ghost from reflections in the filter.

From 20 Nov:
153701,721: Scattered light on S24, S28 & others.

From 21 Nov:
153927 has big spray of light along W edge and unusual scattered-light circular feature in S1.
153946 and several succeeding have big scattered light in NW (1 o'clock), S29 and downwards.

From 23 Nov:
154889,892, 898: PSFs that look like small guider jumps.

From 24 Nov:
155264 jump seen by observer on guider trace, also evident in images. Again in 155275

From 27 Dec:
164151-164181 are good images taken by Alistair on engineering night: "all g-band 300s exposures, guided, all over the
sky. Approx sky positions:

i) Dec -30, HA from -04:30 to +04, 10 exposures
ii) Dec +10 HA +02, 00, -02 3 exposures
iii) Dec -10 HA -03, 00, +03 3 exposures
iv) Dec -50 HA +03 to -03 6 exposures
v) Dec -70 HA -03 to +03 5 exposures
vi) Dec -80 HA +01:30 to -01:45 3 exposures
vii) Zenith to end.

Image FWHM (Kentools seeingall) are almost all 0.9-1.1 arcsc.

Last 2 nights 21-22 Feb:
Moon is bright for these.
180581-180619 are COSMOS with AOS set points changing (but problems in implementing this?)
180638-180654 are linearity test in g band at Omega Cen. Poor seeing.
180655-180720 are star flat in Yzr, Omega Cen
180739-180786 are star flat in ig.
180787-180834 are pretty pix of Omega Cen, ugrizY.
181063-181170 are COSMOS imaging with AOS set point changing. clouds.
181189-181205 are on-sky linearity test in i -band. Clouds.
181206-181243 are VVDS F-14 field. Bright sky, clouds.

Engineering 15 August 2013

226392-226482 are bias & domes
226510-226621 are star flats
226674-226695 are RXJ2248 i and z re-observations