SN Difference Pipeline and Full Cut

This is not a detailed description of the SN difference pipeline but merely an attempt to identify their initial DM needs.

First Cut provides astrometry, photometry (if the simple photometry module gets implemented) and the reduced images. This should be enough to start the difference pipeline. The SN group needs to tell us what level of photometric precision is required to get started.

Co-adds are needed by the SN team mainly for outlier rejection, i.e. cosmic rays (somebody should correct this if necessary)

The regular survey will also need co-adds if not for the SV requirements but then certainly for many of the SV goals, for example to test color matching, i.e. how stable is the stellar locus in color-color space.

SV Squad Contribution: The DM team will first focus on Final Cut and cannot promise much progress on co-adds until the December time frame. If we need this earlier, i.e. during SV, we need SV squad members to step in.