DM Calibration

The DM calibration pipeline is used (somebody should check if this is the correct name to avoid confusion with the efforts by the calibration group)to prepare master bias and master flat frames as well as to generate the illumination correction.

The DM module that creates the master frames is called createcor. Bias and flat field calibration frames from individual calibration exposures. The module operates on individual ccd's and bands and has two routines: mkbiascor and mkflatcor

The create_illumcor module combines science exposures on a per ccd, per band basis to determine an illumination correction (broad scale) and fringe correction (small scale). There are two routines called. The first, mksupersky combines the images from an input list. The result is then passed to mkillumcor which seperate the fringe correction and illumination correction.

SV Squad Contribution Validate the DES-DM image detrending codes including the imcorrect routine that is used to apply the bias, flat field and illumination corrections to the images during First Cut processing.

SV Squad Contribution The DM calibration modules are integrated within the DM workflow but they need to be put into a pipeline for stand alone operation. Bryan will provide an initial script. It's an SV job to improve and refine this.