SV Efforts by the Clusters Science Working Group

The DES cluster working group has prepared a document (docDB #6462) presenting data quality tests that can be run on real survey data to verify that the Cluster Working Group’s data quality requirements are being met. The set of requirements (table 1 of the document) is reproduced below. A suite of data quality tests has already been developed to test the CWG requirements for DC5 and DC6 data which utilizes comparison between the input truth table from the mock catalogs and the output catalog. For several of the CWG requirements, very similar tests can be run on the real survey data if an appropriate “truth” table can be constructed from available spectroscopy and/or deep imaging in the field. From the CWG perspective, the ability to run acceptance tests on real data early in the survey boils down to a list of requirements on where the initial survey data is taken.

CR-1 Survey area, total > 5000 deg2
minium contiguous patch > 1600 deg2
measurement uncertainty < 0.1%
CR-2 10 sigma limiting mag at > 97.5% completeness, g-band 22.8
r-band 23.4
i-band 24.5
z-band 23.3
CR-3 Color calibration dispersion < 2%
CR-4 Cluster photoz at z < 1.3 and Ngals(L > L*) > 10, sigma(z) < 0.02
sigma(zbias) < 0.003
sigma(sigma^2z ) < 0.0016
CR-5 Richness-mass scatter induced by catalog noise for M ! 10^13.5 M_solar < 5%
CR-6 Galaxy catalog completeness variation at 10 − 100 galaxies/arcmin2 < 5%
CR-7 Galaxy catalog purity variation for galactic latitudes 20 < b < 90 < 5%
CR-8 Rejection rate of stars misclassified as galaxies at 15 < i < 21 > 99%
CR-9 BCG deblended magnitude errors at i < 22 for 99% of the sample < 0.1 mag
CR-10 Largest possible overlaping area with SPT Yes
CR-11 Mock catalogs for cluster selection function estimates Yes