Map of the CCDs on the Focal plane

Below are three views of the focal plane, each showing the location of chips with their DETPOS and CCDNUM id's that are in the image headers.

First, a view of the CCDs in sky orientation (pdf here)

Second, a view of the CCDs in the x-y pixel system (e.g. as they would appear in "image" orientation on DS9) (pdf here)

Third, (see docdb 768 and 5282) showing the correspondence between the CCDNUM, the DETPOS, and the DA Boards (different boards are indicated with different colors, or see the table below). Note the quadrant that a chip is in and the size of a chip are used to determine the relative locations of the A and B amps and the readout direction. Note the Alignment/Focus/Guide (square CCDs) are 2k x 2k, while the regular science CCDs are 2k x 4k pixels.