Observing Plan for the August 29/30, 2013 Engineering Nights

Proposal Id: 2013A-9999
Exposure Scripts: Most of the exposure script for this night are available in ~DECamObserver/ExposureScripts/engineering_20130830
(from the Observer Console GUI select Exposure Control --> Load Exposure Script --> Choose File)

(Late) Afternoon

Full set of zeros and dome flats
Script: DES_prenight.json (note that this is a (standard) DES script. From the the Observer Console GUI select Exposure Control --> Load Exposure Script --> Select DECam Script then choose DES/DES_prenight.json in the dialog window)

If this script is not yet available use DECam/Daily_DomeFlats.json


Instructions from Gary:

Getting high stellar density for the star flats means doing this in the first half of the night since the 
Galactic plane is down very low in the 2nd half of the night.  

Here are two possible starting positions for the star flat sequence:

   RA=19:00:00  DEC=-50:00:00 (sets at about 01:00 local time)
   RA=20:40:00  DEC=-35:00:00 (less preferred but usable until about 02:30 local time)

There are 22 exposures in the sequence, so 5 x 22 x (30+30)s = 110 minutes to do this whole thing.

If we can't do this before the setting time of the above fields, then we can do it just 
about anywhere that is visible at the time as all high-latitude fields are 
going to be similar to each other.

The pointing is not critical (1 arcmin accuracy is fine), but you will need to move the telescope back 
to the starting position when beginning each filter.

If time is short you can omit one or more of the filters.

The 5 scripts can be found in the engineering_20130830 folder. They are named Starflat<filter>.json_
These are relative scripts which means the telescope has to be moved to the field manually.

SN Pointing Studies

We want to repeat two of the tests we tried on August 15
  • Test 2: AOS trim compensation using compensate_trim=true
  • Test 3: Switch to pseudo AOS-1 mode using hexapod_mode=SN

Scripts can be loaded from the engineering_20130830 directory

compensate_trim and aos_mode tests

run sn_test_baseline.json - 30 second, z filter, regular exposures at HA -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 and DEC -5, -10
run sn_test_compensate.json - same sequence but with compensate_trim=True
run sn_test_hexapodmode.json - same sequence but with hexpoad_mode=SN


Confirm that the latest version of obstac runs
Run for an extended period (2-3 hours) (Eric will provide details)

Gary's Test


Regression Script

Regression_Observation_All_Absolute.json is a version of the standard script that uses absolute coordinates for every exposure. It can be found in the engineering_20130830 folder.

There won't be enough time to run this script to completion. It's okay to abort it if you run out of time.

Friday Afternoon: BCAM Tests

Adam will connect directly to the bcam controller to fire the bcams multiple times in rapid sequence at the end of a long telescope slew. The goal is to learn more about settling times. No script is available for this. The telescope will be moved manually.