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Robert Armstrong, 12/22/2012 06:38 AM


Clipped Objects

I have looked at the objects that were clipped from the starflat3 fit as a function of various quantities.

Some observations:
  1. Many of the clipped objects lie at the y edges of the chip
  2. More objects are clipped from the right side of the focal plane. CCD 7 has the most clipped objects.
  3. Most of clipped objects have the minimum pixel uncertainty of 0.01 from the fit.
  4. It doesn't vary too much from band to band.

Here is the number of clipped objects as a function of exposure. There seems to be a common pattern probably determined by the dither pattern in the different bands.

There is one exposure that has more objects clipped than any of the others, this is DECam_00153751. Here are the clipped objects as a function of the focal plane.

It looks like a poor fit over the exposure.