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Gary Bernstein, 08/28/2012 03:12 PM

1 1 Daniel Gruen
h1. Anom-R6
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3 1 Daniel Gruen
*Anom-R6: Processes that are sending entries to the Survey Table identify anomalies that would invalidate an image, including any of the conditions in Anom-R5, plus: meteor/airplane trails that ruin substantial parts of images.*
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If whole frames are unusable for one of the reasons in [[Anom-R5]], they might have to be re-observed. The concern for Anom-R6 is for airplane or very-bright-meteor trails that are so bright that they render a good fraction of the exposure unusable.  In which case the Survey Table needs to reflect the fact that the exposure needs to be re-taken, so there is an operational issue.
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8 2 Daniel Gruen
9 3 Gary Bernstein
* [[Anom-R5]] must be run. 
10 3 Gary Bernstein
* A full night's worth of images have been run through standard DESDM pipeline.
11 3 Gary Bernstein
* If no bright trails occur, may need to simulate one on an image.
12 1 Daniel Gruen
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14 3 Gary Bernstein
*Check DB output of Image Health / Quick Reduce for the faulty images from [[Anom-R5]].
15 3 Gary Bernstein
* *Eyeball examination* of all exposures from the Minisurvey noting where there are bright asteroid/meteor/satellite/airplane trails, particularly if they will invalidate many CCDs' data.
16 3 Gary Bernstein
* Check DB output of Image Health / Quick Reduce / DESDM for the bright trail images - are they flagged as problematic?
17 3 Gary Bernstein
* Also may ask whether any part of DESDM generates an appropriate mask.  _Not sure if there is currently any code in DESDM intended to do this!!_
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21 1 Daniel Gruen
If flags are raised for a trail that destroys 10% of a chip and all faulty frames from [[Anom-R5]], test is passed. 
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23 1 Daniel Gruen
If masking of tracks is incorrect, secondary test is failed.
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26 1 Daniel Gruen
If flags are not raised, either IH/QR must be tuned or DESDM must contain code to detect this and report it to the DB.
27 2 Daniel Gruen
28 1 Daniel Gruen
If masking is incorrect, DESDM codes need to be iterated.
29 3 Gary Bernstein
30 3 Gary Bernstein
If no sufficiently bad trails have occurred that would destroy an exposure, then perhaps this is not a problem.  Ask observers to monitor images for the first few weeks of survey.