Alignment with Image Quality Info night of 111812

For the first part of this observing session, through exposure 152725, the hexapod was not receiving tweaks from the AOS. This period is shaded in gray on the decenter plot below. The vertical lines mark slews to new pointings. The hexapod initially returned to center after tweaking was restored, but began drifting away over the course of the night, and ended up about 1mm off-center. The decenter is computed as sqrt(dx^2 + dy^2).

Here are plots of the BCAM dx, dx, tip, tilt for the same period. Remember that the BCAMs measurements are the residuals from the BCAM-inferred best position, so we want these to be zero. Image quality from QuickReduce is included on the first plot. The FWHM measurements may be overestimates caused by elongated images and contamination of the stars by galaxies.