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Diego Capozzi, 09/15/2014 09:53 AM

Agenda And Minutes for 9/15 10am CDT

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  1. Star/Galaxy updates...
  2. GCM oddities here: GCM Zeropoints in SVA1
  3. test tiles: it would be useful for a range of science to have some agree test tile that we all use so that results can be compared;
    1. Quasar SWG have been using COSMOS but this is not comparable with DES wide; It would be useful if some SVA1 test fields were agreed. These could also then be used for DESDM validation of Y1 and beyond processing.
  4. SVA1 coadd image-level and catalogue generation reproducability [Richard McMahon]
    1. relates to Star/Galaxy separation and other validation tests; we are working on adding stars, galaxies and quasars into coadd level products and running DESDM Sextractor in double image mode to determine completeness as a function of various scenarios. Involved creating multi-band detection images so it is not merely a matter of adding sims to final coadds and running Sextractor. Need also to run SVA1 software stack.
  5. More on completeness as function of seeing and depth