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  1. Star/Galaxy updates...
  2. GCM oddities here: GCM Zeropoints in SVA1
  3. test tiles: it would be useful for a range of science to have some agree test tile that we all use so that results can be compared;
    1. Quasar SWG have been using COSMOS but this is not comparable with DES wide; It would be useful if some SVA1 test fields were agreed. These could also then be used for DESDM validation of Y1 and beyond processing.
    2. The Weak Lensing group has defined a testbed that might be an option: testbed
  4. SVA1 coadd image-level and catalogue generation reproducability [Richard McMahon, Fernanda Ostrovski]
    1. relates to Star/Galaxy separation and other validation tests; we are working on adding stars, galaxies and quasars into coadd level products and running DESDM Sextractor in double image mode to determine completeness as a function of various scenarios. Involved creating multi-band detection images so it is not merely a matter of adding sims to final coadds and running Sextractor. Need also to run SVA1 software stack. See DES-doc-8154
    2. see DESDM log:
  1. More on completeness as function of seeing and depth