Agenda And Minutes for 6/9 10am CDT

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  1. LSS Benchmark Sample
  2. Star/Galaxy updates
  3. SVA1 SN Field Shallow Coadds
    1. Testing Completeness with Shallow SN Field Coadds


There was a short discussion of the upcoming global tests for star/galaxy separation, the exact nature of which are TBD. Nacho put out a call for all S/G classifiers to run on SVA1 Gold for these wide-field tests.

Eli mentioned that there seems to be some offsets in the MAG_AUTO zeropoints of the shallow/deep coadds. Huan mentioned that MAG_AUTO is somewhat sensitive to depth (the apertures can be larger when there's deeper imaging and more significant detection of the surface brightness out to larger radii). However, it's not clear if this should affect the bright end as well. Eli will be exploring tests with individual image photometry and astrometry.

Eli presented the first completeness tests with the shallow SN field coadds. However, things were very preliminary because the depth variations within tiles had not yet been accounted for.