Agenda And Minutes for 3/3 10am CST

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  1. Photo-z updates -- We got 'em!
    1. DESDM
    2. ANNz2
      See [[des-photoz:Acces_to_calculated_photo-z's|this photo-z wiki page]] for a summary of links plus also the Skynet photo-z determination.
  2. Pixelizing Mangle Masks
  3. Mangling the Masks and SVA1 Gold Masks See also: Mangle Data Units
  4. Paper Plans
  5. General encouragement to submit SG separation challenge round 2 results


Attending: Klaus, Ricardo, Douglas, Ramon, Huan, Nacho, Robert, Diego, Alex D-W, & others...

Three codes have now been run on SVA1 Gold (see links above). Now the groups that require photo-zs can really get their hands dirty with SVA1 Gold, which is great news. The Photo-z group has additional tests planned, to redo some of the metrics from the photo-z comparison paper using SVA1 Gold (while the comparison paper uses older photometry ... there are no plans to rework the comparison paper with SVA1 Gold). These tests will be augmented with additional spectroscopy that is recently available over larger areas of the footprint, including Vipers and OZDES.

Diego asked for some clarification on the data units for the mangle masks. These are directly estimated from the magnitude error vs magnitude plots, and as such are not "corrected" magnitudes that are sometimes used to estimate the DES depth (e.g., 10sigma limit in a 1.5" aperture converted to a "total" magnitude.)

Eli discussed the tests on the depth maps. First, pixelizing the masks to NSIDE=4096 seems to yield no significant effect on the correlation functions on scales larger than ~0.3-0.5 arcmin. (see here ). Additional tests are being performed with more complicated simulated correlation functions.

Second, although there appear to be spatial residuals in the reconstructed magnitude limit plots , Anne B. has shown that these do not impart significant power into the LSS correlation functions.

We also discussed how the SVA1 Gold effort is now under the purview of the Science Council, for lack of a specific working group. We will write a paper describing the catalog and the suite of tests, and this will go through the SC for review.