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Rachel Wolf, 11/25/2014 08:52 AM

Social Media Posts

Events, Subject Matter and Frequency

  • post from conferences about stuff related to DES
  • post from CTIO or DES-related observations (e.g., Gemini follow-up of strong lenses found in DES data)
  • post at least once per observing run on DECam: we'll start in mid-/late-November with some folks we know.
  • subject: preferably DES-related; preferably current news; but can do anything dark energy-related
  • Frequency: overall at least one post to social media per week (excluding dark energy detectives)

Important Notes When Posting

*If you are posting on Facebook, make sure you change your post permissions to public so we can share it on the page!
*If you want to tag @theDESuvey or @darkenergydetec on Twitter and would like other people to see it, make sure you don't
put the tag at the very beginning of the tweet - put a period (or other punctuation) before!
For example: .@theDESurvey camera is amazing! Check out these awesome images:

DES SM Accounts to Tag

  • @theDESurvey
  • @darkenergydetec
  • #sciencesnap

  • The Dark Energy Survey


DES Siblings and Relatives


  • CfA Survey [imaging]
    • Facebook: Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • SDSS [imaging]
    • Twitter: @sdssurveys
    • Facebook: Sloan Digital Sky Surveys
  • Mayall Telescope at Kitt Peak
    • Facebook: Kitt Peak National Observatory, Nicholas U. Mayall Telescope


  • XCS [x-ray cluster survey]
    • Facebook: XMM Cluster Survey
  • VHS [infrared-ish imaging]
  • CLaSH [cluster lensing survey; re-imaging from hst]
    • Facebook: Cluster Lensing and Supernova survey with Hubble
  • HyperSuprimeCam [optical imaging]
  • Blanco at CTIO [telescope]
    • Facebook: Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO)
  • PanSTaRRS [optical imaging and transients]
    • Twitter: @PanSTARRS1, @PS1NEOwatch
    • Facebook: Pan-STARRS
  • OzDES [fiber-fed spec]
  • Hubble
    • Twitter: @NASA_Hubble, @HubbleTelescope, @Hubble_space, @hubbledaily
    • Facebook: Hubble Space Telescope,
  • Chandra
    • Twitter: @chandraxray
    • Facebook: Chandra X-Ray Observatory
  • XMM-Newton
    • Facebook: XMM-Newton Satellite
  • Planck
    • Twitter: @Planck
    • Facebook: Planck


  • HyperSuprimeCam's Subaru [spec]
  • DESI [spec]
  • e-ROSITA [x-ray]
  • LSST [imaging]
    • Twitter: @LSST
    • Facebook: Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST)
  • SKA [radio]

Popular Science Sources

Post templates and Ideas

  • The weather is great: <explain>
  • The weather is bogus: <explain>
  • Here's a picture of some wildlife
  • Here's a picture of a beautiful sunset
  • Here's a picture of Blanco under the moon
  • Here's a picture of me in front of Blanco: Blanco weighs 1/7 the space shuttle
  • Here's a picture of me in the control room
  • Here's a picture of scientists doing science
  • We're doing <insert cool science topic>. Here's a link to learn more <insert popular science article here>.
  • Blanco was born in 1975(?), the same year that ..
  • Did you know ... one of the predecessors to DECam was used to observe the supernovae that were used to discover dark energy
  • Did you know ... <maybe we can list some fun facts for people to post>
  • Did you know ... <something about how telescopes, CCDs, etc. work>
  • Did you know ... <something about how spectrometers work>
  • Did you know ... <something about doing science on mountains i.e. weather, extinction, comparing how high up you are to something else>
  • Did you know ... <something about international science collaborations..yay teamwork!>
  • Did you know ... <something about a working group at a DES institution>
  • Did you know ... <something about another DES outreach activity!>
  • Your expectation of observing v. what it's really like
  • Seeing is great tonight! Images are very crisp tonight! great for weak lensing!
  • Make a #sciencesnap! Check out @scisnaps for examples!
  • any dark energy or cosmology fact
    • space-time and Einstein
    • the four DES probes
    • how expansion works
  • responding to misconceptions about cosmology
    • no center of the universe
    • expansion is everywhere
    • dark energy is not dark matter
  • how the scientific method works: theory vs. hypothesis vs data

Post don'ts

  • Avoid problems with the DECam or telescope control/operating systems
  • Avoid too much about bad weather
  • Avoid discussion of specific results; Focus on general concepts
  • If in doubt email