Checking and Seeing the Telescope Zeropoint

These instructions have been provided by Alistair:

i) At the start of the night ask the operator whether the same zeropoints as the previous 
night are installed, the "normal" zeropoints.  The reason is that rebooting the TCS 
will reset them to zero, always good to check.  The operator can install them manually.

ii) you can check on a star if you like, always good for reassurance and in case some 
other observer asked for the pointing zeropoint to be somewhere other than the field 
center, and since it can be checked in twilight, there is no real time impact.  
So assuming you are pointing the telescope so the nominal zeropoint position is the 
focal plane center, you'll have to do an offset in order to get the star out of the gap.  

Resetting the zeropoint every night is unnecessary.  However the operator may well 
ask if you want to do this, because it was part of the procedure with the old TCS.