Troubleshooting For Observers

Sometimes SISPI will have a problem that prevents you from taking images. Here's how to resolve the issue and get back to taking data.

  1. Figure out where the problem is.
    • You probably have a broken interlock. Look at the LEDs in the Observer Console - if the "Interlock" light is red, then you've got a broken interlock. Check the Interlock Viewer page to see exactly which interlock is broken.
    • On the Observer Console, you can look in the System View for any components that are in the ERROR state, and in the OCS messages to see if they describe an error.
    • If the problem raised an alarm, the alarm button in the menu bar will show a red circle with a number in it. You can click on that button to get a dropdown list of new alarms, and look on the Alarm History page. The alarms will state which component and device they came from.
  2. Examine the problematic role.
    • Once you know which role is causing the problems, go over to the Architect Console and highlight that role. You will see the one latest log message in the log message box. If there are any recent error messages, make note of them so that you can put that information in the log book.
  3. Easiest fix - reconfiguring the role.
    • If the role has a green check next to it in the Architect Console, then the process is still alive and you may be able to simply reconfigure it. After selecting the role, type "configure" in the command line window and press enter. You should see some log messages show up informing you about the process of the configure.
    • If the configure completes successfully, you will see that role's interlock light change in the Interlock Viewer.
    • Now that the broken role is fixed and ready to go, click on the "Reset" button in the System Control section of the Observer Console. The OCS will check all the interlock and clear the interlock latch. When the interlock light on the Observer Console turns green, you can take more exposures.
  1. Easy fix - reconfigure the whole instance.
    • If reconfiguring the one role doesn't work, there is a slight chance that reconfiguring the instance will work. This may happen if there are other roles that depend on the broken one and don't know that it's fixed. Click on the "Configure" button in the Observer Console to send the configure command to all the roles.
    • Make a note in the logbook about the error, how you tried to fix it that didn't work, and how you were able to fix it.
  1. Next fix - restarting the role.
    • If the previous step failed, or there's a red X next to the role in the Architect Console, you will need to restart the role instead of just reconfiguring it. Select the role in the Architect Console then click on "Start" (if the role is already stopped) or "Restart" (if the broken process is still running).
    • Once the process restarts, you will see a green check next to its name and some messages in the log window. Then go to the Observer Console and press the "Configure" button in the System Control tab.
    • Make a note in the logbook about the error, how you tried to fix it that didn't work, and how you were able to fix it.
  2. Things are really broken - restart the instance.
    • If restarting the broken role does not work, you may need to restart the entire SISPI instance. If you are not an expert, you will need an expert to help with this. The directions for restarting the instance are in the Expert Guide section of the wiki.
    • Make a note in the logbook about the error and how you tried to fix it that didn't work, and that you are now restarting the instance.