Start of Observing Checklist (Dome Open)

This the beginning of night checklist. It's available as a pre-defined form in the eLog. Please fill this out every evening.
  • Observer(s) Present:
  • Twilight Starts (Time):
  • Twilight Ends (Time):
  • Dome is Open [Y/N]:
  • If not, have TELOPs open the dome an hour before.
  • SISPI Interlocks OK [Y/N]:
  • SISPI Interlocks that are not OK [List]:
  • Check That Afternoon Calibrations Completed [Y/N]:
  • Check RASICAM Running [Y/N]:
  • If beginning of night (and pointing model remains as of Dec 2 2012)
    • Talk to TelOps:
    • Beginning of night: have TELOPs check that the handset gui at TelOps station, once getZp is issued, reads (RA,DEC) 0", -297". If it says 14.3 and -268", that's ok.
    • This places the star in the gap between S4 and N4 until the TCS is rebooted or another observer changes it.
  • Set the Hexapod Trim: push the "init z trim" button. It's in the upper right of the hexapod gui.
  • Begin OBSTAC Observing [Time]:
    Submit Night Scripts:
    [check pointing, ss flats, DESsn observing & DES observing]
    Script Names:
  • Check Telemetry:
    Telemetry OK [Y/N]:
    The Standard SISPI Telemetry Plots are explained at
    Explanation of SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots
    [need to list some critical items to record]
  • Check DTS Operating [Y/N]:
  • Check Image Health:
  • Comments: