Current Configuration, Constants and Scripts

Current Configuration:DES.ini

The configuration files (.ini) files are located in /home/sispi/decam/architectures/ctio

Unless otherwise noted will will be using DES.ini during the DES run

Current Constants: DECAM:CURRENT

The DECAM:CURRENT tag corresponds to this (constants DB) snapshot:

Start Date End Date Snapshot
October 19 DECAM:19
October 6 October 18 SISPI:18
September 29 October 5 SISPI:16
September 20 September 29 SISPI:15

Current Calibration Script: DES/sv_prenight_bias_grizYdomes.json

Select this script from the ExposureControl section of the ObserverConsole GUI. Click on Load Exposure Script and then on Select DECam Script.
Select the calibration script from the list and click submit.