Introduction to kentools

kentools is a set of analysis tools created by Steve Kent. It is based on sdss code which was modified for DECam data. This is how to use these tools:

1. Login as DECamObserver on observer2
2. Type "observer"

Useful commands (these are also listed when you start up):
data # -- cd to DECam data directory
inventory [n] # -- List frames from n days ago (default 0)
inv [n] # -- (abbreviation for above)
load <expnum> [ccd-id] # -- Display one CCD (defaut is S4)
loadall <expnum> # -- Display mosaic of all CCDs
center <expnum> [maxoff] # -- Compute RA, DEC, offset of image center (default maxoff is 1024 pix)
tim <expnum> [maxoff] # -- (Used for pointing model only)
pdu <expnum> # -- List PDU header
seeingall <expnum> # -- Measure mean seeing for an exposure
(In all of above, if expnum is blank, use most recent)

offset # -- (Used for pointing model only)
focus # -- Measure a focus sequence
seeing # -- Measure a single star
skyview # -- Look up a field in skyview
ned # -- Look up a galaxy in NED
simbad # -- Look up a star in SIMBAD
ephem # -- Print out sunset, twilight, moon times
commands # -- Print this message