Data Quality Operations

Observer2's role is to man the astro-chair: whereas the sispi driver is more closely focused on plumbing, guiding, and telescope interactions,
the astro-chair is more closely focused on the data as astronomy data.

Observer2 is responsible for
  1. making sure data quality monitoring tools are operating,
  2. monitoring data quality and reporting it in the ELog,
  3. filling out one or both of the Night Summaries,
  4. creating new Data Quality tools, and
  5. assisting Observer1 as needed.

Things close to observer2's heart:

  1. Is the telescope still there?
    • be the one that goes upstairs during the dome flats to make sure the flat LEDs are on
    • every day take a walk around the telescope: just after sunset is a good time
  2. Where has obtac taken data tonight, and what is the rate of good quality data?
  3. How goes the SN observations: what is the state of the deadman switch?
  4. How does the data taken tonight compare against survey data quality ideals: seeing, whisker length / ellipticity, background cnts/sec?
    • watch the strip charts of Quick Reduce (This is the "Observing History button": QR Description)
  5. Are the calibration data ok?
    • check one/filter of the flat fields visually for saturation of other weird effects, using kenttools prompt> load ( Introduction to kentools )
  6. Is the pointing ok?
  7. Is the seeing ok?
  8. What is that beautiful object?
  9. Keep it up all night long?
  10. Do the cognoscenti know what is going on?
  11. Does CTIO know what happened during the night?
  12. Does the world of the DES know what happened during the night?
  13. But there is that nagging issue I want to understand...