Daily check list

Before 2pm

  1. Check that all observers are present and roles are defined/understood
  2. Prepare the nightly plan page, including populating Almanac and Weather info
  3. Check the instrument status (read the logbook, talk to people)
  4. Check the DM status
  5. Check SISPI status
  6. Check what scripts are needed/present for calibration, SNe, main survey
  7. Send out the agenda for the 4pm meeting

Late afernoon

  1. Restart sispi instance
  2. Point telescope to white spot and fire afternoon calibration scripts
  3. Chair the 4pm meeting
  4. Edit the observing plan if needed
  5. Perform the Late Afternoon Checklist in the logbook


  1. Check that the dome flats finished ok
  2. Perform the Beginning of Night Checklist in the logbook
  3. Write the Synopsis_Night logbook entry
  4. Keep the logbook
  5. Perform End Of Night Checklist in the logbook
  6. Publish the nightsum at the end of the night
  7. Complete CTIO end of night report