Afternoon Checklist (Dome Closed)

A version of this checklist is available as a pre-defined form in the eLog. Complete this checklist every afternoon when you get ready to start observing.

  • Observer(s) Present:
  • SISPI Instance:
  • SISPI Interlocks OK [Y/N]:
  • SISPI Interlocks that are not OK [List]:
  • Check Telemetry GUIs:
    Explanation of SISPI Telemetry GUI Plots
  • Check if Morning Calibration Completed [Y/N]:
  • Calibration:
    Verify Dome is Closed
    Submit Afternoon Calibration Script:
    Calib Script Name:
  • Check DTS Operating [Y/N]:
  • Check GPS Monitor is Operating [Y/N]:
    See that GPSMon is working
  • Comments: