Fermilab/HTCondor Minutes January 8, 2016

Tony, Krista, Todd, Burt, Paul

Agenda and Notes:

GPGrid Disk usage limts:

  • try to compare against DiskUsage_RAW in the SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE expression. HTCondor rounds up the value of DiskUsage for autoclustering purposes.

EC2 Gahp work - During CMS scale testing encountered problems which Todd M. has been quite responsive in fixing.

  • Ok to continue to work with Todd M. great progress so far

disparate resources - idea is to set the slot weight to something very very small.

  • Todd T. - This may not work because the negotiator doesn't take into account Machine classads when ACCEPT_SURPLUS is enabled and the negotiation cycle hits this phase.
  • Burt will test

8.4.3/8.5.1 new versions will be available very soon (rc2) - build options were incorrect

HTCondor Week coming up