Fermilab/HTCondor Minutes April 10, 2015

Krista, Zack, Tony, Steve, Todd T.

Agenda and Notes:

condor_off -peaceful to a remote machine does not shut down the daemons and python bindings has bug that prevents a peaceful shutdown.

  • Bug report has been filed: htcondor-admin 27971
  • Todd agreed that it looks like there definitely are bugs, will follow up with the ticket

Parrot knob in STARTD. What is it? It isn't documented

  • set PARROT = <full path to parrot executable>
  • in job jdl put: use_parrot = True
  • The starter will automatically use parrot

Status of nova gahp

  • No change, communication black hole
  • contemplating doing all development at WI
  • have access to Notre Dame's OpenStack instance for real scale testing

Todd asked for help with gwms frontend configuration

  • Need to add custom configuration to the condor config on the pilot
  • Need to know how to specify condor version for pilot
  • Tony sent mail to Todd with examples and the email address of the glideinWMS support list for further help