Data Quality GPVM

Rules and practices for using the machine

Nearline Monitoring

The plots shown in the Nearline WebPage and the underlying processes are detailed in the following pages:

How to Interpret the Nearline Plots

How to Interpret the Nearline Frontage Plots; Far Detector

How to Interpret the Nearline Frontage Plots; Near Detector

Nearline Machine Details

Scripts Running on the Nearline Machines

Maintenance HOW-TOs...

OnMon Processing by Release

Recovering Missing Files from FTS

Hardware Watch List & Noise History Plots

Maintenance lists are updated on the web

You can learn more about the specifics by going to the Hardware Watch List page.

For more information see the original plan and related updates.

Good Runs Lists

More information coming.. For now you can find info about the plots on How to Interpret the Nearline Plots

List of Good Data Selection Criteria (on docdb)

Tasks of the GoodRuns expert

Running Good Runs

List of bad runs that passed Good Run Selection

List of Validated Subruns

Procedure for GR when closing the dataset

Bad Channel Validation status

Status of the bad channel validation for DQ purposes.

Status of Bad Channel Validation

Horn Polarity Switches

What to Do for Horn Polarity Switches

On PIDs - tmp

Place holder for PID in NOvA framework

Other Data Quality Related Links

OnMon Wiki

Watchdog wiki

CR/Nearline release installation instructions

Notes and Details In Progress

Monitoring Guide for Shifters
Development Notes