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03/01/2014 Michael Baird Design Support #4736: clean up the nearline web pages The web pages will be replaced soon. 0.00
03/01/2014 Michael Baird Design Bug #4827: Switch the data handling in the OnMon plot making script. This is done. 2.00
03/01/2014 Michael Baird Design Feature #5339: get histo binnings from OnMon and Nearlne Ana Not going to worry about this. Things have been fine so far and I'm not changing things rapidly enough that this is a problem. 0.00
03/01/2014 Michael Baird Design Feature #5340: DCM duty cycle plot This wasn't requested by the DQ group and I think this plot will be in the spirit of the DCM sync status plots. 0.00
03/01/2014 Michael Baird Design Bug #5341: put web plot script fail protections into place Appropriate protections are already in place. New ones will be implemented as new failures are encountered. 2.00
02/03/2014 Michael Baird Design Feature #4669: clean up and generalization of the regular nearline scripts Copied and adapted the OnMon scripts for the reco jobs. 127.00
01/02/2014 Michael Baird Design Feature #4711: make posting to the database smarter about handeling database down time we just don't write to the database anymore 40.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Design Bug #4710: turn back on badchannel info being posted to the database for FarDet This is now being done by the production group. 0.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Design Bug #4737: full scale double check of the correctness of current nearline plots I decided just to redo all of the old plots... 10.00
02/03/2014 Michael Baird Testing Bug #5282: Track PE histo for the one month ana plots is not drawing typo in the histo name... 1.00
02/05/2014 Michael Baird Administration Bug #4732: better handeling of kinit in the scripts This has been fixed. We now kinit from a keytab file on the local machines. 4.00
02/03/2014 Michael Baird Administration Feature #4668: use the same user to process nearline files New account set up and running the new scripts. 5.00
05/30/2014 Michael Baird Development Bug #5744: Processing: keep up with nearline-Ana processing! Added more machines and the trigger rate dialed back to 10 Hz, so we are now keeping up. 10.00
03/01/2014 Michael Baird Development Feature #4733: switch NDOS old file clean up scheme I did this a while back... 2.00
03/01/2014 Michael Baird Development Feature #4915: add the "plots for the cure" to the nearline webpage This can be checked off with Fernandas page. 40.00
03/01/2014 Michael Baird Development Bug #5344: fix cana jobs failing due to database connections for NDOS Let's be honest, I'm never going to do this and it works well enough... 0.00
02/05/2014 Michael Baird Development Idea #4693: faster processing for OnMon by copying raw files to local directory I'm not going to do this. Processing seems fast enough... 1.00
02/05/2014 Michael Baird Development Feature #4983: Add number of hot FEBs to hit map webpage plots. Fernanda's website is now live! 20.00
02/03/2014 Michael Baird Development Feature #5208: website buttons always at the top of the window Fixed with Jim's redesign of the website using Java. 4.00
01/15/2014 Michael Baird Development Feature #4896: clean up the webpages!!! Jim fixed this by implementing a simple java script 4.00
01/02/2014 Michael Baird Development Support #4766: alternate schedule for posting plots to the webpage 3.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4672: switch OnMon NDOS processing over to S13-09-17 I'm NOT going to do NDOS processing in this release (it will be some other later release.) 0.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Development Support #4759: validate new OnMon/Slicer plots 10.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #4772: better refresh settings for the web pages This turns out to be a function of the browser you are using (not the web page) so there is nothing I can do about it. 0.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4833: add last value to nearline plots added average value too 3.00
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