Get Started: Basic login and setup procedures

It is advised to have two windows open: one as a source area, and the other as a build area. You will set the build area up for development, and execute builds and run art from there. Log in to the node from both windows , e.g.,

  • ssh


Source window

The workbook-specific script you will run in this window does the following:
  • source /ds50/app/ds50/, which:
    1. Sets the basic DS50 working environment and creates needed directories if they don't exist
    2. Sets environmental variables you will need when building and running the tutorial: $DS50app, $DS50data, and $PRODUCTS
    3. Calls "setup git"
  • Looks for the local art-workbook source directory and checks it out if necessary

To run the script and complete the setup, enter:

source /ds50/app/ds50/
cd art-workbook
# Optional:
git pull

If you logout, you will need to run this script again.

  • Because your login directory is shared with fnalu, DO NOT add this to any of your login scripts
  • Please note that this script is ONLY for use with the tutorial. When you are ready to start your own separate packages you should source /ds50/app/ds50/

Build window

In your build window, after login, run:
  • source /ds50/app/ds50/
    cd build-workbook
    source ../art-workbook/ups/setup_for_development -d

If there is a complaint from buildtool, you may need to account for remote source updates by adding the -c option for a clean build.

Incorporating Updates to art-workbook

From time to time there may be updates to the art-workbook. If you have a checked out copy of the art-workbook, you should bring your working copy up to date with the official version of the workbook.
Logout and log back in to ds50.

In your Source Window:

source /ds50/app/ds50/
cd art-workbook
git stash
git pull
git stash pop

This will save any changes that you have made in the source area (git stash); pull down all of the updates from the master repository (git pull); copy your changes back in (git stash pop). If there are no conflicts between your changes and the changes made in the repository, you are all set. If there are conflicts, consult with a member of the art team.

In your Build Window

source /ds50/app/ds50/
cd build-workbook
source ../art-workbook/ups/setup_for_development -d
buildtool -c

In the general case you should do a clean build whenever you update. There are circumstances in which this is not necessary but it is much safer to simple do a clean build.