Exercise 9

  1. Example code
    1. art -c Ex09/ex09.fcl
  2. Activities
    1. Inspect printout and correlate with the code.
  3. Ideas
    1. Conditions service holds two entities, the particle data table and the conditions information for each tracker shell ( efficiency and resolution ). # The Particle data information is defined as soon as the conditions service is constructed and can be used at any time thereafter. # The information for the tracker shells is invalid until the first run has been encountered. # Each genparticle holds an integer code that gives its PDGCode. Information such as mass, charge and name can be found in the particle data table by using the PDGCode. # The particle data codes can be found in: $ART_WORKBOOK_BASE_INC/artwb/DataProducts/PDGCode.h # The conditions service header is at: $ART_WORKBOOK_BASE_INC/artwb/Conditions/Conditions.h # The particle data table header is at: $ART_WORKBOOK_BASE_INC/artwb/Conditions/PDT.h # The particle data table is very incomplete. It only holds a few particles relevant for this exercise. It is defined in: $ART_WORKBOOK_BASE_DIR/source/artwb/Conditions/
  1. ex09.log: