Before You Arrive

Make sure that you have a Fermilab Visitor ID and kerberos prinicpal.

  • Lynn or Jonghee will create your ds50 account, but this cannot be done until you have a FNALU account.

Make sure you can log into This is the node we will use for the tutorial.

ssh instructions

  • Verify that you can start an xterm and have the display appear on your laptop.
  • Verify that you can run a root session
  • Verify that you can check out files from the art-workbook git repository.
  • This is actually the first step of the tutorial
  • source /ds50/app/ds50/
  • This should complete without any errors
  • Verify that an editor to your liking is available (emacs, vi, vim, ed) - or that you can use emacs

If you have trouble with any of these steps, send a message to , , , and