Building darkmon with Jenkins and distributing it with SciSoft

06-Feb-2015, KAB: These are notes on the steps that I used to get the darkmon bundle built on Jenkins and available from SciSoft.

Update the versions of the darkmon, darksidecore, and related packages:
  • log into woof (or equivalent)
  • 'source /products/setup'
  • 'setup cmake v3_0_1'
  • 'cd <repoDir>'
  • 'git clone ssh://'
  • 'cd build-framework'
  • edit CMakeLists.txt to update the package versions that have changed
  • edit art_externals/ and art_externals/ if needed
  • 'cd <scratchDir>'
  • 'mkdir bfwBuild'
  • 'cd bfwBuild'
  • 'cmake <repoDir>/build-framework'
  • 'cd art_externals'
  • '/nasroot/SciSoft/bundles/tools/copyToSciSoft -n darkmon*'
  • '/nasroot/SciSoft/bundles/tools/copyToSciSoft darkmon*'
Update the darkmon build script, if needed:
  • log into woof (or equivalent)
  • 'cd <repoDir>'
  • 'git clone ssh://'
  • 'cd artdaq-utilities/for_jenkins'
  • edit
  • 'git commit -m "<comment>"'
  • 'git pull'
  • 'git push'

Run the Jenkins build for project darkmon-release_build.

Copy the build results to SciSoft:
  • log into woof (or equivalent)
  • 'cd <scratchDir>'
  • 'mkdir fromJenkins'
  • 'cd fromJenkins'
  • '/nasroot/SciSoft/bundles/tools/copyFromJenkins darkmon-release-build'
  • '/nasroot/SciSoft/bundles/tools/copyToSciSoft [-n] darksidecore*.bz2'
  • '/nasroot/SciSoft/bundles/tools/copyToSciSoft [-n] darkmon*.bz2'
  • '/nasroot/SciSoft/bundles/tools/copyToSciSoft [-n] darkmon*MANIFEST.txt'