SLAD variables (v2.3)

(Last Update on 05/12/2016)

Here we list the variables found in each of the SLAD files and provide some short comments where appropriate. Current for SLAD v2.3.

Main SLAD file (RunXXXXX.root)

TTree branch type comment
events run_id int main TTree; everything else is friended to it
subrun_id int
event_id int
trigger_type unsigned int 1: tpc_high, 2: laser, 3: external, 4: pulser, 5: random, 6: tpc_low, 7: tpc, 8: veto_ls, 9: veto_cw
trigger_multiplicity int # of channels that contributed to DAQ trigger
tpc_digital_sum unsigned int # of discriminator hits in first 5 us; used for G2 trigger
hasV1724 short 0 or 1
is_masked short 0 or 1
gps gps_coarse int 1 sec counter
gps_fine int 20 ns counter
long_lifetime lifetime double live time from previous trigger [s]
inhibittime double inhibit time from previous trigger [s]
acqui_window acqui_window float length of acquisition window [us]
nchannel nchannel int
baseline SumChannelHasNoBaseline short 0 or 1
npulses n_phys_pulses int # of pulses found by pulse-finder
has_s3 int see DocDB 937 for determination of has_s3
has_s1echo int
tdrift tdrift double [μs]
s1 total_s1 float uses fixed_int1 (7 us integral) [PE]
total_s1_corr float z-corrected [PE]
total_s1_top float [PE]
total_s1_bottom float [PE]
s1_saturation is_saturated_pulse0 int 0 or 1
s1_time s1_start_time float
s1_end_time float
s2_start_time float
s2_end_time float
s1_f90 total_f90 float
total_f90_fixed float
total_f90_spe_mean float [count-samples]
total_f90_fparam float [10] f-param with prompt integrals of {10, 20,..., 100} ns
s1_fraction s1_max_chan int channel with most S1 light
s1_max_frac float fraction of S1 light in s1_max_chan
s1_max_prompt_frac float fraction of prompt S1 light in s1_max_chan
s1_max_late_frac float fraction of late S1 light in s1_max_chan
s1_prompt_max_chan float channel with most prompt S1 light
s1_prompt_max_frac float fraction of prompt light in s1_prompt_max_chan
s1_late_max_chan float channel with most late S1 light
s1_late_max_frac float fraction of late light in s1_late_max_chan
max_s1_frac_cut max_s1_frac_cut_threshold99 float uses 99% acceptance
max_s1_frac_cut_exceeds99 int 0 or 1
s2 total_s2 float uses fixed_int2 (30us integral) [PE]
total_s2_corr float z-corrected (if at all), not xy-corrected [PE]
total_s2_top float [PE]
total_s2_bottom float [PE]
s2_saturation is_saturated_pulse1 int 0 or 1
s2_f90 total_s2_f90 float
total_s2_f90_fixed float
total_s2_f90_spe_mean float [count-samples]
total_s2_f90_fparam float [10] f-param with prompt integrals of {10, 20,..., 100} ns
s2_fraction s2_max_chan int channel with most S2 light
s2_max_frac float fraction of S2 light in s2_max_chan
s2_max_prompt_frac float fraction of prompt S2 light in s2_max_chan
s2_max_late_frac float fraction of late S2 light in s2_max_chan
s2_prompt_max_chan float channel with most prompt S2 light
s2_prompt_max_frac float fraction of prompt light in s2_prompt_max_chan
s2_late_max_chan float channel with most late S2 light
s2_late_max_frac float fraction of late light in s2_late_max_chan
bary_s2 bary_s2_x float [arb] units normalized so outermost PMT is at r=4
bary_s2_y float [arb]
roi nroi int number of roi ranges
roi float [nroi] [PE] for each ROI. See "darkartTPC_standard_modules.fcl" for actual definition.

All of the TTrees in this file are already friended to the main TTree, "events". You do not need to add the friend trees yourself.

The logbook tree in the main SLAD file is a special tree for holding metadata information about the run. See DocDB 1404 for more details.

TTree branch type comment
logbook run_id int
integrated_lifetime double by default, not added as friend tree
integrated_inhibittime double
TPC_events int
trigger_FW int
trigger_threshold int
trigger_inhibit int
G2_threshold int
G2_high_threshold int
G2_gate int
G2_prescale int
G2_high_prescale int
digitizer_gate int
digitizer_pretrigger int
type char [100]
Edrift int
extractionHV float
driftHV float
sigma_extractionHV float
sigma_driftHV float
start_time char [30]
stop_time char [30]
DB_entries int
status_driftHV int
strStatus_driftHV char [30]
kr_campaign char [60]
CALIS_campaign char [60]
DBsite int

Next we list the variables in the other files produced by SLAD. These TTrees are NOT friended to the main "events" TTree. You need to define them as friend trees explicitly. This is demonstrated in the example macros described in Reading SLAD output. These TTrees are kept in separate files because they are either much larger or require extra processing to produce. This allows you to load less data when you do not need the extra files.

Channel file (RunXXXXXX_chan.root)

This file has several TTrees whose branches are arrays of floats.

TTree branch type comment
s2_chan s2_chan float [38] array of S2 light [PE] on each channel
s1_chan s1_chan float [38] array of S1 light [PE] on each channel
ch_roi n_ch_roi int length of ch_roi array
ch_roi float [n_ch_roi] channel [PE] for each ROI. Index for ROI i of channel ch: i*38+ch
pulse_info_chan pulse_info_ch_light_size int length of pulse_info_ch_light array
pulse_info_ch_light float [pulse_info_ch_light_size] channel [PE] for each pulse. Index for pulse N, ch M: [N*38+M]
pulse_info_ch_echo_roi float [pulse_info_ch_light_size] echo ROI channel [PE] for each pulse. Index for pulse N, ch M: [N*38+M]

All pulses file (RunXXXXXX_allpulses.root)

This file makes use of branches with variable length arrays. The length of the arrays is given by pulse_info_npulses. For this table, I will shorten it to npulses, for convenience.

TTree branch type comment
pulse_info pulse_info_npulses int
pulse_info_pulse_id int [npulses]
pulse_info_start_time float [npulses] [μs]
pulse_info_end_time float [npulses] [μs]
pulse_info_peak_time float [npulses] [μs]
pulse_info_peak_amp float [npulses]
pulse_info_max_chan int [npulses]
pulse_info_total_npe float [npulses] [PE]
pulse_info_f90 float [npulses]
pulse_info_f200 float [npulses]
pulse_info_saturated int [npulses]
pulse_info_fixed_int1 float [npulses] [PE]
pulse_info_fixed_int2 float [npulses] [PE]
pulse_info_FWHM float [npulses] [μs]
pulse_info_n_us_integrals int integer saved for variable length arrays
pulse_info_us_integrals float [pulse_info_n_us_integrals] [PE]; integrals of first {1,2,3,4,5,6,7} μs
pulse_info_satcorr_f90 float [npulses] f90 (use npe), corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_f90_fixed float [npulses] f90 (use fixed_int1), corercted for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_fixed_int1 float [npulses] [PE]; fixed_int1, corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_fixed_int2 float [npulses] [PE]; fixed_int2, corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_total_npe float [npulses] [PE]; npe, corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_top_npe float [npulses] [PE]; top npe, corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_bot_npe float [npulses] [PE]; bot npe, corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_f200 float [npulses] f200 (use npe), corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_satcorr_f200_fixed float [npulses] f200 (use fixed_int1), corrected for ADC saturation
pulse_info_echo_roi float [npulses] [PE]; pulse echo ROI ([372, 405] us after pulse start)
pulse_info_echo_accidental_roi float [npulses] [PE]; pulse echo accidental ROI ([300, 430] us after pulse start)

Masas xy file (RunXXXXXX_masas_xy.root)

This file contains xy info for S2 pulses and all pulses with xy generated from Masa's algorithm.

TTree branch type comment
masas_xy masas_x float [cm]
masas_y float [cm]
masas_chi2 float
masas_r float [cm]
masas_theta float [deg]
masas_xycorr_factor float xy correction factor
TTree branch type comment
allpulses_xy allpulses_npulses int number of pulses in event
allpulses_x float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_y float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_chi2 float [npulses]
allpulses_r float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_theta float [npulses] [deg]
allpulses_xycorr_factor float [npulses]

Xylocator xy file (RunXXXXXX_xylocator_xy.root)

This file contains xy info for S2 pulses and all pulses with xy generated from Jason's algorithm.

TTree branch type comment
xylocator_xy xyl_best_x float [cm]
xyl_best_y float [cm]
xyl_SCM float
xyl_best_chi2 float
xyl_best_r float [cm]
xyl_best_theta float [deg]
xyl_best_xycorr_factor float xy correction factor
TTree branch type comment
allpulses_xyl_xy allpulses_xyl_npulses int number of pulses in event
allpulses_xyl_x float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_xyl_y float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_xyl_fidcut_ratio float [npulses]
allpulses_xyl_chi2 float [npulses]
allpulses_xyl_r float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_xyl_theta float [npulses] [deg]
allpulses_xyl_xycorr_factor float [npulses] xy correction factor

AWW xy file (RunXXXXXX_aww_xy.root)

This file contains xy info for S2 pulses and all pulses with xy generated from Andrew's algorithm.

TTree branch type comment
xylocator_xy aww_x float [cm]
aww_y float [cm]
aww_r float [cm]
aww_theta float [deg]
aww_xycorr_factor float xy correction factor
TTree branch type comment
allpulses_aww_xy allpulses_aww_npulses int number of pulses in event
allpulses_aww_x float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_aww_y float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_aww_r float [npulses] [cm]
allpulses_aww_theta float [npulses] [deg]
allpulses_aww_xycorr_factor float [npulses] xy correction factor

OD file (RunXXXXXX_veto_cluster.root)

This is the SLAD OD file.

TTree branch type comment
veto veto_run_id int run id
veto_event_id int event id
veto_present int 0 or 1, 1 means OD event matched with TPC
veto_timestamp_us double [us]
veto_lsv_total_charge float [PE]
veto_wt_total_charge float [PE]
veto_roi_lsv_charge_vec vector<float> [PE]
veto_slider_lsv_charge_vec vector<float> [PE]
veto_slider_lsv_time_vec vector<float> [us]
veto_nclusters int number of clusters in event
veto_cluster_charge_vec vector<float> [PE]
veto_cluster_start_ns_vec vector<float> [ns]
veto_cluster_height_vec vector<float>
veto_cluster_multiplicity_vec vector<float>
veto_cluster_pass_multcut_vec vector<int> 0 or 1
veto_cluster_dtprompt_vec vector<float> [us], od time in terms of tpc
veto_cluster_end_ns_vec vector<float> [ns]
veto_cluster_peak_ns_vec vector<float> [ns]