This is the wiki for the darkart project.
  1. Getting set up for DarkArt development: How to get ssh access to a machine that can run DarkArt.
  2. Getting started with DarkArt development: How to run data processing programs; this includes how to set up the darkart environment.
  3. Software Development How Tos: How to do things such as creating a data product, a new module, or a new library. Also provides some guidelines specific to darkart development.
  4. Development guidelines
  5. DarkArt on Fermigrid

Release notes

art Documentation
art available services
fcl Doc
fcl start guid

High level analysis

2014-03-17: These instructions are rather old. It is encouraged now to use SLAD for higher level analysis.

  1. Getting set up for high-level analysis
  2. Running the high-level analysis macro


  1. Running SLAD (for SLAD developers)
  2. Reading SLAD output (for general analyzers)
  3. SLAD variables (for general analyzers)
  4. SLAD variables v2.3.2
  5. SLAD variables v3.0.0

SLAD release notes

Event viewer

  1. Using the event viewer

Waveform Viewer and 3D Display

  1. Using the event display

Cron jobs

  1. Setting up Cron jobs


  1. Accessing database
  2. Run Tables


  1. Validation code
  2. validation pdf

Git Cheatsheet

  1. Git Cheatsheet


  1. Running G4DS on ds50srv01
  2. Running G4DS on Fermigrid
  3. Running analysis code on Fermigrid

Wiki Tips

  1. How to write wiki in Redmine