DAQOperationsTools Wiki


The DAQOperationsTools contains utilities for setting up and operating the DAQ system.



This directory contains shell scripts used for starting and stopping applications, starting and stopping DDS servers, setting up database variables, and various ad hoc utilities.

See here for more detail on scripts.


The only non-test software in the repository is the program, which is obsolete.


The setup directory contains sub-directories for each detector, each with 3 scripts. The 2 most important are
  • and
  • (which calls also sets up configurations outside the SRT system, executes all needed setup for the SRT environment (base and test releases), sets all DAQ-related environmental variables, and creates log directories if needed.

Two shell scripts exist in setup:
  • will move links (see below) to point to a new instance of DAQOperationsTools, when changing test releases
  • provides operations (pre-SRT) configuration information. It searches the configuration directory in a pre-defined order and returns the first value matching a key in the daq-operations.cfg configuration file.

Link Directory

A directory named DAQOperationsTools exists outside any test release to be used in setting up the DAQ environment, before test or base releases are selected. By convention, it currently exists in @/home/novadaq/DAQOperationsTools." This directory only has links:

  • bin - points to a "x86" (as opposed to PPC), non-optomized bin directory, usually in a test release. It is used for remote application start commands that need to be found before the DAQ environment is set up. (Note that since the application start commands execute their own DAQ environment setup, running the "x86" version on PPC is fine.)
  • - each point to their namesakes in DAQOperationsTools/setup/<Detector Environment>/ in an SRT release, usually the current test release.