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07/03/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #3174: Better resetting of UTC hour plots Implemented a 24 hour reset option and switched all the plots vs. UTC hour to this reset rate so that runs > 24 hrs won't have overlapping data. 5.00
07/05/2013 Michael Baird Testing Bug #4277: EVD time zoom/reload no longer works the way it used to. Sorry Mark, I just figured out how to do this in the new EVD. It works just fine. 0.00
07/05/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #4062: uniform Z scales for DSO plots of the same type Solved with the new plot option "zscale[zmin|zmax]" 2.00
07/05/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4271: Add option for OnMon producer to make or not make histo files. 1.00
07/15/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4057: add FEB conincidence plots Finished, but time will tell if they work the way they are supposed to... 8.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #4351: better resetting of UTC plots Mark fixed this with the new UTC-reset option for plots. 4.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #4349: new plot to track # of FEBs with high rates FEB rate vs. UTC and DCM rate vs. UTC plots have been added. 8.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #3920: Fix EVD hardware view This has been fixed and now works for the FD & NDOS. 8.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #3630: Tracking timing sync of DCMs This was implemented and seemed to not be very useful so it was removed. 16.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #3214: Display times of histogram resets This was "fixed" by changing the plots to being reset for example "on the 10s" instead of every 10 minutes. 2.00
09/03/2013 Michael Baird Design Bug #4533: Single click info bar doesn't display properly when text is too long fixed by expanding the size of the text box 2.00
09/03/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #4468: There is no program title in the blue bar at the top of the viewer window. "OnMon Viewer" now displayed at top of window with the SHM segment name 1.00
09/05/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4470: Add header TTree that the producer will put into the root files. The endsubrun files now contain a TTree object called "Header" that contains the requested info. 4.00
09/05/2013 Michael Baird Development Support #4463: Removal of Alert hitmaps I kept the whole detector alert status hitmaps, but the DCM level hitmaps are now only created and filled when an alert status flips from good to bad. 2.00
09/05/2013 Michael Baird Design Support #4462: Better resetting of error plots All error plots (except the AEvsHour plot) are now reset every run with 3 lookbacks. 1.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #4469: MAKE CLEAN UP ROOT FILE SCRIPTS! With Andrew's help, this now works. 2.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Design Idea #4272: Add OnMon to the nearline scripts OnMon now rules the Nearline world... 160.00
01/02/2014 Michael Baird Development Support #5058: change schedule for writing root files to disk 1.00
01/02/2014 Michael Baird Development Support #5057: make plane/cell histos by hit rates 1.00
03/20/2014 Michael Baird Development Bug #5734: Fix ana output file name to include detector type easy fix... 1.00
03/20/2014 Michael Baird Design Bug #4673: ND histo binnings fixed (I think...) 4.00
03/20/2014 Michael Baird Development Feature #4473: Move OnMon over to the DAQChannelMap version of the Hardware Mapping fixed... 2.00
03/20/2014 Michael Baird Design Feature #4474: Have OnMon keep track of what pixels should be reporting. It was decided to record this elsewhere and that OnMon should ONLY talk to the detector (not any other databases...) 0.00
05/30/2014 Michael Baird Design Bug #4467: OnMon still belives that the FD has 15 diblocks. done... 2.00
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