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09/03/2013 Michael Baird Design Bug #4533: Single click info bar doesn't display properly when text is too long fixed by expanding the size of the text box 2.00
03/20/2014 Michael Baird Development Feature #4473: Move OnMon over to the DAQChannelMap version of the Hardware Mapping fixed... 2.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #4469: MAKE CLEAN UP ROOT FILE SCRIPTS! With Andrew's help, this now works. 2.00
05/30/2014 Michael Baird Design Bug #4467: OnMon still belives that the FD has 15 diblocks. done... 2.00
09/05/2013 Michael Baird Development Support #4463: Removal of Alert hitmaps I kept the whole detector alert status hitmaps, but the DCM level hitmaps are now only created and filled when an alert status flips from good to bad. 2.00
07/05/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #4062: uniform Z scales for DSO plots of the same type Solved with the new plot option "zscale[zmin|zmax]" 2.00
07/02/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4042: Add block number to single click text. Finished... 2.00
04/11/2013 Michael Baird Testing Bug #3655: fix the FD OnMon kill scripts fixed typos in the scripts 2.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #3214: Display times of histogram resets This was "fixed" by changing the plots to being reset for example "on the 10s" instead of every 10 minutes. 2.00
12/07/2012 Michael Baird Development Bug #3141: viewer seg faulting when generating comparison histos Fixed. 2.00
03/20/2014 Michael Baird Design Bug #4673: ND histo binnings fixed (I think...) 4.00
09/05/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4470: Add header TTree that the producer will put into the root files. The endsubrun files now contain a TTree object called "Header" that contains the requested info. 4.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #4351: better resetting of UTC plots Mark fixed this with the new UTC-reset option for plots. 4.00
06/05/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #3812: Add option to draw DCM boundaries on EVD 4.00
04/11/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #3653: displaying reference histo alone 4.00
04/11/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #3652: command prompt specification of reference file for the viewer 4.00
07/03/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #3174: Better resetting of UTC hour plots Implemented a 24 hour reset option and switched all the plots vs. UTC hour to this reset rate so that runs > 24 hrs won't have overlapping data. 5.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #4349: new plot to track # of FEBs with high rates FEB rate vs. UTC and DCM rate vs. UTC plots have been added. 8.00
07/15/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #4057: add FEB conincidence plots Finished, but time will tell if they work the way they are supposed to... 8.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Development Bug #3920: Fix EVD hardware view This has been fixed and now works for the FD & NDOS. 8.00
04/11/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #3646: Plane/Cell labeling for plots 12.00
07/31/2013 Michael Baird Design Feature #3630: Tracking timing sync of DCMs This was implemented and seemed to not be very useful so it was removed. 16.00
06/29/2013 Michael Baird Development Feature #3740: number of hits/FEBs by normalized time unit This feature was added by Fernanda when she implemented the hit rate plots measured in Hz. 20.00
11/10/2013 Michael Baird Design Idea #4272: Add OnMon to the nearline scripts OnMon now rules the Nearline world... 160.00
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