Far Detector Computing

Contact info for the FarDet Control Room

General Information on Accessing and Using the Far detector cluster:

Far Detector Cluster Ganglia View (FEF Maintained) [[]]
Far Detector Cluster DAQ Monitor []

Installed Hardware

The following links indicate the hardware of a given class that is installed at the far detector

  • Disk Mounts - Table of Mounted and Cross mounted disks

Other information on the FarDet cluster

Status of nodes

Virtual Machines at the Far Cluster

Notes on the meeting discussing DAQ deployment at the Far detector on 12/05/2011

Installing DCMs at the Far Cluster test stand

FarDet Cluster Initial DAQ Testing

Notes on the setup of the FarDet cluster at FNAL (Feb 2012)

Notes on the setup of the DAQ Monitor including Apache web server and Ganglia (Jun and Jul 2012)

Notes on the upgrade to Far Detector ganglia/daq monitor to support dcm multicasting by diblock (Sep 30 2013)

Datadisk iozone tests

2016-November Notes on Installing Tomcat and the Screen Snapshot Service

2020-November Notes on Migrating Tomcat and the Screen Snapshot Service to SL7

To Do List