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Walter E Brown, 09/13/2011 03:14 PM

Release Notes

cpp0x unreleased changes.

  • <algorithm>: Add std::shuffle, std::is_partitioned, and std::partition_point.
  • <random>: Allow param_type's to be const.
  • Editorial adjustments.

cpp0x 1.02.00.

  • <algorithm>: Add std::copy_n and std::uninitialized_copy_n.
  • <random>: New "cpp0x/random" header supporting all specified functionality.
  • <string>: New "cpp0x/string" header with support for numeric conversion functions std::to_string, std::itos, std::ltos, etc.
  • <type_traits>: Rework std::common_type implementation.
  • Editorial adjustments.

cpp0x 1.01.10.

  • <algorithm>: Add std::all_of, std::any_of, std::none_of, std::find_if_not.

cpp0x 1.01.09.

  • <cmath>: New "cpp0x/cmath" header with support for new math functions std::fpclassify and friends, std::asinh and friends, etc.

cpp0x 1.01.06.

  • <algorithm>: Add std::is_sorted and std::is_sorted_until; tweak a few other algorithms.