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Version 2 (Walter E Brown, 09/06/2011 11:08 AM) → Version 3/51 (Walter E Brown, 09/06/2011 11:11 AM)

h1. Release Notes

h2. %(#1.0.2)cpp0x% version:"1.02.01" (in progress).

* Add @<algorithm>@'s @std::shuffle@, @std::is_partitioned@, and @std::partition_point@.
* Allow @<random>@'s @param_type@'s to be @const@.
* Editorial adjustments.

h2. %(#1.0.2)cpp0x% version:"1.02.00".

* Rework @std::common_type@ implementation.
* Add @<string>@ with support for new numeric conversion functions @std::to_string@, @std::itos@, @std::ltos@, _etc_.
* Add @<random>@.
* Add @<algorithm>@'s @std::copy_n@ and @std::uninitialized_copy_n@.
* Editorial adjustments.

h2. %(#1.0.2)cpp0x% version:"1.01.10".

* Add @<algorithm>@'s @std::all_of@, @std::any_of@, @std::none_of@, @std::find_if_not@.

h2. %(#1.0.2)cpp0x% version:"1.01.09".

* Add @<cmath>@ with support for new math functions @std::fpclassify@ and friends, @std::asinh@ and friends, _etc_.

h2. %(#1.0.2)cpp0x% version:"1.01.06".

* Add @<algorithm>@'s @std::is_sorted@ and @std::is_sorted_until@.
* Tweak a few other algorithms.