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h1. Release Notes

These notes, last updated on 2011-12-22, are intended to serve as a guide to @cpp0x@ updates that may impact clients' source code. Editorial changes and pure infrastructure updates are therefore omitted from this list.

h2. cpp0x changes as yet unreleased.

* None as yet.

h2. %(#1.03.12)cpp0x% version:"1.03.12" ([[art:Release Notes 1.01.00|ART Suite 1.01.00]]).

h2. %(#1.03.09)cpp0x% version:"1.03.09".

* First C++2011-only release.

h2. %(#1.03.08)cpp0x% version:"1.03.08" ([[art:Release Notes 1.00.12|ART Suite 1.00.12]]).

h2. %(#1.03.07)cpp0x% version:"1.03.07" ([[art:Release Notes 1.00.10|ART Suite 1.00.10]], [[art:Release Notes 1.00.11|ART Suite 1.00.11]]).

* Built against Boost 1.49.0.

h2. %(#1.03.03)cpp0x% version:"1.03.03" ([[art:Release Notes 1.00.07|ART Suite 1.00.07]], [[art:Release Notes 1.00.08|ART Suite 1.00.08]]).

* Build against Boost 1.48.0.

h2. %(#1.03.01)cpp0x% version:"1.03.01" ([[art:Release Notes 1.00.06|ART Suite 1.00.06]]).

h2. %(#1.02.04)cpp0x% version:"1.02.04" ([[art:Release Notes 1.00.04|ART Suite 1.00.04]], [[art:Release Notes 1.00.05|ART Suite 1.00.05]]).

* Enable @opt@ and @prof@ builds.

h2. %(#1.02.03)cpp0x% version:"1.02.03" ([[art:Release Notes 1.00.00|ART Suite 1.00.00]], [[art:Release Notes 1.00.01|ART Suite 1.00.01]], [[art:Release Notes 1.00.02|ART Suite 1.00.02]]).

* Update knowledge of C++0X feature availability in GCC.
* Increase diagnostic sensitivity and adjust to compile clean.

h2. %(#1.02.01)cpp0x% version:"1.02.01" ([[art:Release Notes 0.07.16|ART Suite 0.07.16]]).

* @<algorithm>@: Add @std::shuffle@, @std::is_partitioned@, and @std::partition_point@.
* @<cmath>@: Improve C99-ish math functions' workarounds to simplify future transitions to newer compiler versions.
* @<iterator>@: New @"cpp0x/iterator"@ header with support for range functions @std::begin@ and @std::end@.

h2. %(#1.02.00)cpp0x% version:"1.02.00".

* @<algorithm>@: Add @std::copy_n@ and @std::uninitialized_copy_n@.
* @<cstddef>@: Improve workaround for @std::nullptr_t@; apply corresponding @nullptr@ value more broadly throughout.
* @<random>@: New @"cpp0x/random"@ header supporting all specified functionality.
* @<string>@: New @"cpp0x/string"@ header with support for numeric conversion functions @std::to_string@, @std::itos@, @std::ltos@, _etc_.
* @<type_traits>@: Rework @std::common_type@ implementation.

h2. %(#1.01.14)cpp0x% version:"1.01.14" ([[art:Release Notes 0.07.12|ART Suite 0.07.12]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.13|ART Suite 0.07.13]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.14|ART Suite 0.07.14]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.15|ART Suite 0.07.15]]).

h2. %(#1.01.12)cpp0x% version:"1.01.12" ([[art:Release Notes 0.07.10|ART Suite 0.07.10]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.11|ART Suite 0.07.11]]).

h2. %(#1.01.10)cpp0x% version:"1.01.10".

* @<algorithm>@: Add @std::all_of@, @std::any_of@, @std::none_of@, and @std::find_if_not@.

h2. %(#1.01.09)cpp0x% version:"1.01.09".

* @<cmath>@: New @"cpp0x/cmath"@ header with support for C99-ish math functions @std::fpclassify@ and friends, @std::asinh@ and friends, _etc_.

h2. %(#1.01.08)cpp0x% version:"1.01.08" ([[art:Release Notes 0.07.06|ART Suite 0.07.06]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.07|ART Suite 0.07.07]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.08|ART Suite 0.07.08]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.09|ART Suite 0.07.09]]).

h2. %(#1.01.07)cpp0x% version:"1.01.07" ([[art:Release Notes 0.07.03|ART Suite 0.07.03]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.04|ART Suite 0.07.04]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.05|ART Suite 0.07.05]]).

h2. %(#1.01.06)cpp0x% version:"1.01.06" ([[art:Release Notes 0.07.00|ART Suite 0.07.00]], [[art:Release Notes 0.07.02|ART Suite 0.07.02]]).

* @<algorithm>@: Add @std::is_sorted@ and @std::is_sorted_until@; tweak a few other algorithms.

h2. %(#1.0.1)cpp0x% version:"1.0.1" ([[art:Release Notes 0.1.0|ART Suite 0.1.0]]).

* @<cstdint>@: New @"cpp0x/cstdint"@ header supporting all specified functionality.

h2. %(#0.0.1)cpp0x% version:"0.0.1".

* Initial tagged version.