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Walter E Brown, 09/20/2011 04:28 PM

Release Notes

These notes are intended to serve as a guide to cpp0x updates that may directly impact clients' source code. Therefore, we mention below only those tagged library versions with such potential impact.

These notes were last updated on 2011-09-20.

cpp0x changes as yet unreleased.

  • <algorithm>: Add std::copy_n, std::uninitialized_copy_n, std::shuffle, std::is_partitioned, and std::partition_point.
  • <cmath>: Improve math functions' workarounds to simplify future transitions to newer compiler versions.
  • <cstddef>: Improve workaround for std::nullptr_t; apply corresponding nullptr value more broadly throughout.
  • <iterator>: New "cpp0x/iterator" header with support for range functions std::begin and std::end.
  • <random>: New "cpp0x/random" header supporting all specified functionality.
  • <string>: New "cpp0x/string" header with support for numeric conversion functions std::to_string, std::itos, std::ltos, etc.
  • <type_traits>: Rework std::common_type implementation.
  • Numerous editorial adjustments to improve library's organization and internal clarity of exposition.

cpp0x 1.01.14 (ART Suite 0.07.12, ART Suite 0.07.13, ART Suite 0.07.14, ART Suite 0.07.15).

cpp0x 1.01.12 (ART Suite 0.07.10, ART Suite 0.07.11).

cpp0x 1.01.10.

  • <algorithm>: Add std::all_of, std::any_of, std::none_of, std::find_if_not.

cpp0x 1.01.09.

  • <cmath>: New "cpp0x/cmath" header with support for new math functions std::fpclassify and friends, std::asinh and friends, etc.

cpp0x 1.01.08 (ART Suite 0.07.06, ART Suite 0.07.07, ART Suite 0.07.08, ART Suite 0.07.09).

cpp0x 1.01.07 (ART Suite 0.07.03, ART Suite 0.07.04, ART Suite 0.07.05).

cpp0x 1.01.06 (ART Suite 0.07.00, ART Suite 0.07.02).

  • <algorithm>: Add std::is_sorted and std::is_sorted_until; tweak a few other algorithms.

cpp0x 1.0.1 (ART Suite 0.1.0).

  • <cstdint>: New "cpp0x/cstdint" header supporting all specified functionality.

cpp0x 0.0.1.

  • Initial tagged version.