Upgrading the Synergia software

It shall come to pass that some new feature or critical bug fix will be made
and will be checked into the main Synergia2 git repository, but you want to
incorporate it into your current Synergia2 build without having to remake everything.
Here's how to do it.

Supposing you have followed the directions and built everything in a directory
synergia2-stable. Starting from a new terminal window, change into that directory
and initialize the environment:

cd synergia2-stable

Then go into the synergia2 build directory.

cd build/synergia2

If you checked out the original version with the ssh transport, make sure that
your kerberos ticket is current. Then pull the upstream changes into your directories:

git pull

Hopefully there are no merge conflicts. Then just make and install the software:

make install

or if your have more than one core available and sufficient memory, you can use
parallel make to save time, for instance:

make -j 4 install

will have up to four parallel make streams.