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James Amundson, 05/30/2018 04:06 PM

Install Synergia with Spack

Synergia has preliminary support for installing via Spack

Before attempting the Spack installation, make sure you have either Environment Modules or
Lmod installed.
(If both are available, choose Lmod -- it is an update to Environment Modules.

  • On Ubuntu:
    sudo apt install lmod
  • On Scientific Linux, Redhat Linux or Centos:
    sudo yum install environment-modules

To install Synergia from scratch, do the following:

git clone ssh://
cd synergia2
git checkout devel
spack diy synergia2@dev
# wait a long time for a lot of stuff to be installed
. # you have to do this again due to a spack bug
spack load -r synergia2
cd spack-build
make test