Install Synergia with Spack

Synergia has preliminary support for installing via Spack

Before attempting the Spack installation, make sure you have a C++ compiler and either Environment Modules or
Lmod installed.
(If both are available, choose Lmod -- it is an update to Environment Modules.

  • On Ubuntu:
    sudo apt install lmod
  • On Scientific Linux, Redhat Linux or Centos:
    sudo yum install environment-modules

To install Synergia from scratch, do the following:

git clone # or ssh:// 
cd synergia2
git checkout devel
spack diy synergia2@devel
# wait a long time for a lot of stuff to be installed
. # you have to do this again due to a spack bug
spack load -r synergia2
cd spack-build
make test