Building the development branch of Synergia on the NERSC hopper system

This text also appears in the file configs/README.hopper in the cloned contract-synergia2 tree.

2013-07-19 Notes for building synergia on hopper

In your .bash_profile.ext, setup your modules with the following code:

if [ $NERSC_HOST == "hopper" ]
    module switch PrgEnv-pgi PrgEnv-gnu
    module load python/2.7.3
    module load pytables
    module load mpi4py
    module load boost/1.51-gnu
    module load fftw/
    module load hdf5
    module load gsl/1.15
    module load cmake
    module load git
    #umask 022
    # echo "bash_profile.ext run" 
    export BASH_PROFILE_EXT=1

This activates the modules that your job will need to build and run.

In addition, the darshan module must be unloaded in .bashrc.ext as:

if [ $NERSC_HOST == "hopper" ]
#  Replace the following line with personal settings for hopper
    module unload darshan
    #echo "bashrc.ext run" 
    export BASHRC_EXT=1

If you do not unload darshan in this way, synergia will not be able to link
properly. In addition, when building shared library executables, the
module cray-shmem must also be unloaded (this is just for the build)

module unload cray-shmem

The file configs/synergia_config_hopper contains the settings needed to build

git clone -b devel synergia2-devel
cd synergia2-devel
./ --configure-import configs/synergia_config_hopper

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